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Planning Projects

Planning Division staff review discretionary land use and land development applications, ensuring that proposed projects comply with Petaluma’s long term vision and regulatory standards. We also make sure that all proposed development respects the City’s historic and cultural heritage, and/or contributes the City’s growing collection of public artwork. And we provide environmental review under the standards of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Planning discretionary entitlements can be categorized by level of review as follows:

Administrative Development Review - the Community Development Director or their designee is the decision-maker

Major Project Review - the Historic Cultural and Preservation Committee, Planning Commission, or City Council, or a combination of these review authorities, is the decision-maker

Use the icons below to learn more about our current administrative and major development projects under review, or visit our project pages at and

Preliminary Application Submittals

Administrative Review Development Projects

Major Development Projects

For More information

In-person: City Hall Planning counter at 11 English Street, Monday through Thursday between 10AM and 2PM.

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