Deer Creek 2 – SPAR Application for 80 Dwellings

Project Site Location

Building Concept

Site Plan (Click to Enlarge)

Project Description

The project, submitted by Mark Johnson, and the behalf of the J. Cyril Johnson Investment Corp, proposes 80 dwellings within 4 3-story buildings on a 6.71-acre site. The project would provide 157 parking spaces within garages, carports, and uncovered parking stalls and 80 bicycle parking spaces within garages and bicycle parking rooms. Automobile, emergency, bicycle, and pedestrian access would be provided via an extension of Rainier Avenue (under Highway 101) to connect to the current terminus approximately 850 feet northeast of the site and via an extension of Burlington Drive (over Lynch Creek) to connect to the current terminus approximately 2,200 feet southeast of the site.

The site would include 29,000 square feet of outdoor space, 65,000 square feet of open space along the Petaluma River, and a river trail along the Petaluma River frontage that would connect to the Lynch Creek Trail to the southeast. New landscaping would be provided to include a variety of trees, shrubs, and groundcover. Bio-retention areas are proposed throughout the site to capture and treat stormwater. A water line extension is proposed within Rainer Avenue and a sewer connection would be provided to an existing sewer line along the Petaluma River.

Project Status

The City reviewed the initial SPAR application submitted on August 9, 2023, and the applicant’s resubmittal on February 2, 2024, to deem each submittal incomplete unready for processing. Each letter may be viewed below:

Project Details

APN(s): 007-391-005
Address: Vacant Parcel at Rainier Ave Extension
Zoning: C2
File Number: PLSR-2023-0013
Applicant: Mark Johnson
J Cyril Johnson Investment Corp.
125 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025
[email protected]

Project Documents

Public Meetings and Hearings

  • Planning Commission - TBD
  • City Council -  TBD

Staff Contact

Greg Powell
Principal Planner
[email protected]

Planning Division
11 English Street
Petaluma, CA

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