Planning Applications

All entitlements administered by the Planning Division require completed application forms and checklists. If you have questions on how to fill out applications or what materials are required, contact the Planning Division. The application types below are organized alphabetically by type with all required forms provided under each type.

Common Forms

General Application
Cost Recovery Form
Development Impact and Capacity Fees Booklet (2024-2025)
Development Impact and Capacity Fees Schedule (2024-2025)
Environmental Impact Questionnaire
Fee Schedule (Effective July 1, 2024)

Alphabetical List

Address Change
Application Form

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) & Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs)

Affordable Housing Streamlined Approval Process (SB 35)
Handout and Application Form

Building Height Calculation

Conditional Use Permit
Conditional Use Permit Application Checklist & Information Handout

Fence Permit
Fence Permit Information
Fence Permit - Property Line Signature Form

General Plan Amendment
Application Checklist

Generator Installation
Generator Handout

Heritage or Landmark Tree
Nomination Form
Deed Restriction

Home Occupation Permit
Application Form

Lot Line Adjustment/Merger
Application Checklist
Notice of Lot Line Adjustment
Notice of Lot Merger

Parcel and Subdivision Maps
Application Checklist

Preliminary Housing Development Application (SB 330)
Handout and Application Form

Short-Term Vacation Rental Permit
Application Form
Business Tax Application
Business Tax Application Instructions
Transit Occupancy Tax Application

Sign Permit
Sign Checklist and Inventory

Site Plan and Architectural Review
Application Checklist
Appendix A - Parking Standards
Appendix B - Trash Enclosures Standards
Appendix C - Landscape Design Standards

Specific Plan/Zoning Amendment
Application Checklist

Supportive Housing Streamlined Approval Process (AB 2162)
Application Checklist & Information Handout

Telecommunication Facilities
For any Wireless Telecommunications Facility, please see

Application Checklist

Zoning Permit (Temporary Use Permit)
Application Form


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