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Planning Staff Directory

Aaron Hollister Senior Planner 707-778-4315 Email
Brittany Bendix Deputy Planning Manager 707-778-4314 Email
Christina Paul Principal Policy Planner 707-778-4367 Email
David Brosky Associate Planner 707-778-4401 Email
Emmanuel Ursu Principal Planner 707-778-4401 Email
Eric Roberts Assistant Planner 707-778-4317 Email
Evelyn Ellis Planning Analyst 707-778-4319 Email
Heather Hines Planning Manager 707-778-4316 Email
Krystle Rizzi Associate Planner 707-778-4472 Email
Olivia Ervin Principal Environmental Planner 707-778-4556 Email
Steve Huss Public Art Specialist 707-778-4387 Email
Tiffany Robbe Senior Planner 707-778-4318 Email
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