Mallison-Way Residence Project

Project Description

The project proposes new construction of a ± 3,498 Square Foot (SF), two-story, single-family detached residence with attached garage and a 450 SF deck on an undeveloped ± 0.18-acre parcel located within the Country Club Estates Planned Unit Development (very low residential) and within the boundary of the South Hills Subarea of the General Plan. The undeveloped project site features an average slope of ± 16.4 percent with few trees and little vegetation. The proposed two-story residence would be 24 feet in height above natural grade, as measured to the highest point of the roof, and would contain four bedrooms, an attached two-car garage, and a deck. The main floor would be approximately 1,743 SF and include a partially covered deck, with a lower level partially set into the hillside of approximately 1,292 SF, inclusive of ground floor living space and a 463 SF garage. Pursuant to the Implementing Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 16 - Hillside Protection, Site Plan and Architectural Review (SPAR) is required for new development within the South Hills Subarea.

Project Details

APN(s): Mallison-Way Residence Project
Address: 118 Kimberly Way
Petaluma, California
United States
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Zoning: Country Club Estates Planned Unit Development
File Number: PLSR-2023-0016
Applicant: Jeff Farrell
[email protected]
(707) 579-3811

Project Documents

Public Meetings and Hearings

Staff Contact

Daniel Harrison
Associate Planner
[email protected]

Planning Division
11 English Street
Petaluma, CA

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