EKN Appellation Project

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Project Description

The EKN Appellation project would include the development of a 6-story hotel building with guest rooms, event space, and food service uses, and a below-grade parking garage with valet parking for 58 vehicles using parking lifts. The ground floor would include the hotel lobby and a restaurant with interior and exterior seating for 150 guests. Floors 2-5 would include 93 hotel rooms and a fitness center for hotel guests. Floor 6 would include a 1,372-square-foot event space and an exterior bar/event space with seating for 56 guests. The proposed hotel development would exceed current Floor Area Ratio (FAR), building height, and lot coverage maximums.

For details/information regarding the proposed Downtown Housing & Economic Opportunity Overlay that covers the project site and other portions of downtown, please view www.cityofpetaluma.org/downtown-housing-and-economic-opportunity-overlay.

Project Details - Hotel

APN(s): 008-063-009; 008; & 011
Address: 2 Petaluma Boulevard South
Zoning: MU2 (Mixed Use 2)
File Number: PLSR-2022-0017
Applicant: Tom Jacobson
220 Newport Center Drive, Suite 11-262
Newport Beach CA 92660
[email protected]
General Plan Subarea: Downtown
Sign Program: Downtown
Parking Assessment District: Yes, approximately 2/3 of site
Central Petaluma Specific Plan (CPSP): No (CPSP abuts the site to the north and west)
Historic District: Yes, Downtown Commercial District
River Access and Enhancement Plan: No


Zoning Development Standards

Proposed MU2 District (max/min)
Site Area: 13,891 sf 2,000 min
Floor Area: 77,445 sf 35,640 max
Floor Area Ratio: 5.58 2.5 max
Lot Coverage: 100% 80% max
Building Height: 68 feet 10 inches 45 feet max
Vehicle Parking: 58 spaces TBD
Bike Parking: 4 spaces within building
6 spaces within public right-of-way


Click HERE to view ALL the supporting documents pertaining to the ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY OVERLAY & EKN APPELLATION PROJECTS.


Public Meetings and Hearings

Staff Contact

Greg Powell
Principal Planner
[email protected]

Isabel Castellano
Preservation Specialist
[email protected]

Planning Division
11 English Street
Petaluma, CA

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