Rovina Lane Apartments

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Project Description

The project, submitted by the Pacific Companies, proposes 32 units consisting of two three-story buildings on a 1-acre site. The project would provide 51 parking spaces through a combination of tuck-under parking below each building and a surface parking area at the rear of the site.  Access would be proposed via a two-way driveway from Rovina Lane near Jacquelyn Lane and an internal drive aisle between the buildings.  Additional site improvements would include landscaping, a trash enclosure, outdoor amenities, and a trash/fire truck hammerhead. 

The project proposes 11 unit types, ranging from a 583 square foot one-bedroom apartment to a 1,831 square foot three-bedroom apartment. Each unit has a private patio at the ground floor or a private deck on the upper floors. The exteriors are clad in horizontal and vertical siding, with gabled roof elements characteristic of a craftsman architectural style. 

Review and Processing Information 

The project is subject to review under State Density Bonus Law, and would exceed the Implementing Zoning Ordinance limits for residential density.  The project is also subject to review under Senate Bill #330 (SB 330).  An SB 330 Preliminary Application was submitted on July 10, 2023, and the Major SPAR application serves as the formal discretionary entitlement required by the City (General Application).  SB 330 provides eligible projects with several key benefits: 

  • Streamlines public review process - Public review of a project's required General Application(s) is maintained; however, the number of public hearings (or meetings) is limited to five, including any appeal public hearing. 
  • Constrains Planning review timeframe - Planning review is still conducted by City staff; however, the amount of time allowed for staff to review a project is limited by SB 330. 
  • Establishes opportunity to vest current regulations - SB 330 eligible projects are guaranteed to be processed under applicable regulations in place at the time when eligibility is determined. This guarantee is referred to as "vesting of rights." 
  • More information on the SB-330 processing timeline can be found here.  

Project Details

APN(s): 019-210-009
Address: 2 Rovina Lane
Zoning: Residential 4 (R4)
File Number: PLSR-2023-0017
Applicant: Caleb Roope, on behalf of Pacific West Communities, Inc.
430 E. State St. #100
Eagle, ID 83616
[email protected]

Project Documents

Public Meetings and Hearings


  • Planning Commission - TBD

Staff Contact

Mike Janusek
Senior Planner
[email protected]

Planning Division
11 English Street
Petaluma, CA

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