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Project Description

The Project consists of a mixed-use development on all of the resulting north block and all but the Copeland-facing parcel (APN 007-149-008) of the south block. The four-story development (with three story accents) includes 182 residential dwelling units, approximately 24,855 square feet of ground floor commercial use, 10,470 square feet of tenant amenity area, ancillary utility spaces, and public and private open space areas. The site design is such that buildings are wrapped around the perimeter of the two blocks and the internal space of each block is occupied by a two-level parking garage capped by a residential courtyard at the third-floor level. In its entirety, the Project proposes approximately 361,616 square feet of gross floor area within twenty-five (25) three- and four-story sub-buildings grouped together around the two blocks.

Project Details


007-143-003, 004, 007, 014, and 015


215 Weller Street, East Washington, Copeland, and East D Streets

Zoning: T-5, T-6, T-6O
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Applicant Contact: Jack Straw
Pacifica Companies

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