Kenilworth Playground Public Art

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Project Site (Click to Enlarge)

pocket park

Kenilworth Park from Entrance

current kenilworth playground

Current Playground at Kenilworth

Project Summary

The Petaluma Public Art Committee (PPAC) expressed interest investing in our local parks and playgrounds. The Parks and Recreation department is currently launching the Kenilworth Revitalization project (click here to learn more: that invests Measure M and Proposition 68 funds to renovate the entire Kenilworth Park site. As a tandem effort, the PPAC has begun to outline a separate but linked project to create the park's playground using the City's Public Art Fund, which is referred to as the Kenilworth Playground Public Art project and detailed on this page. The PPAC plans to achieve this effort by working with the community to find the aspirations of the playground and park, then casting a Call for Artists via a Request for Qualifications to work with a designer or design firm to take the public's feedback and help imagine a functional playground-artwork.

Project Background

In February 2022, the PPAC started a dialogue with staff about how the City’s public art program could collaborate with other organizations and City departments to create higher impact with public art. PPAC members engaged with the community outside of the Public Art Committee activities and meetings, including outreach to other Commissions, Committees, and Boards, to find external opportunities to integrate Public Art goals and opportunities into projects under construction or in planning stages. This outreach spurred conversation with the Petaluma Fire Department about creating murals for the upcoming fire station renovations and working with the City’s Transit department to explore strategies to highlight public transit and other alternative methods to transportation using public art. Additionally, the Committee and staff clarified an opportunity to create a new playground at the Kenilworth Park as part of a larger renovation of the site led primarily by the Parks and Recreation Department and Recreation, Music, & Parks Commission.

At the February 24, 2022 PPAC meeting, the Committee requested that staff add the Kenilworth Playground Public Art item to the next meeting agenda as a brainstorming session and indicated that the Committee would send staff ideas and concepts of other ‘playground-meets-public-art’ examples for presentation at the following meeting. On March 24, 2022, staff presented the submitted examples to facilitate brainstorming on the topic of creating a playground public artwork at the Kenilworth Park site.

At the April 2022 PPAC meeting, the Committee requested that staff continue to collaborate with the Parks and Recreation Department about partnership opportunities and requested status updates at subsequent PPAC meetings. After several conversations with Parks Department staff alongside supplemental research of similar projects, staff generated a concept project concept for the Kenilworth Playground Public Art opportunity for the Committee’s consideration.

The initial draft of the project concept was presented at the July 2022 PPAC meeting as a discussion item at which time the Committee provided feedback on the initial draft. In August 2022, PPAC approved $5,000 in spending for the first phase of "exploration and discovery" to conduct community engagement in collaboration with the Parks and Recreation department and Communication team.

Project Details

Title: Kenilworth Playground Public Art
Artist: TBD
Location:  100 Fairgrounds
Date: 2022 - present
Medium:  TBD

Project Documents

Staff Contact

David Ward
Public Art Specialist
[email protected]

Planning Division
11 English Street
Petaluma, CA

Community Input Opportunities

Please take the online community survey by following the provided link, where you will find the survey in English and Spanish. Thank you for submitting your feedback to help us design the new Kenilworth Playground!

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Upcoming Opportunities

  • Online
  • In-Person (survey administer and information tabling)
    • Tuesday February 7th at the East Petaluma Farmers' Market (Lucchesi Park)
    • Tuesday February 14th at the East Petaluma Farmers' Market (Lucchesi Park)
    • Saturday February 18th at Kenilworth Playground (Petaluma Regional Library)
    • Tuesday February 21st at Kenilworth Playground (Petaluma Regional Library)
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