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Public Art

Mission Statement and Goals

The City of Petaluma’s public art program is committed to enhancing the appearance and cultural richness of the City by incorporating works of art into public places and fostering art within public view or access in private developments. The public art program encourages the use of art to celebrate the City’s rich history, its significant environmental assets and the diversity of its community as well as to salute creativity, innovation and artistic excellence.

The chief goals which assist the Petaluma Public Art Committee and City Staff in implementing the public art program are:

  • Promote the display of public artwork through projects;
  • Develop a public art program that addresses and reflects the values, cultures and aspirations of the community;
  • Create a public art program that supports and advances the urban design and community goals of the City;
  • Develop community support for and encourage community participation in the public art program; and
  • Integrate the public art program into City ordinances, policies, plans and procedures to ensure the long-term viability of the public art program and the public art purchased under the program.

Petaluma Public Art Committee

The Petaluma Public Art Committee (PPAC) reviews and approves public art applications and related materials for any public art project on public property or as part of a public construction project as defined in Chapter 18 of the Implementing Zoning Ordinance, and provides general oversight of the public art program, its projects, and sites.

Public Art and Artist Resources

Active Projects


Petaluma Friends

Public Art Registry

Lynch Creek Trail

A Fine Balance

Keller St. Garage

BLM Mural Sketch

Black Lives Matter Mural

Keller Street Parking Garage

Public Art Map

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