Adobe Road Winery

Project Description

The project involves the construction of a three-story 13,718 square-foot building containing a winery, tasting room, private event space, and motorsports gallery, collectively operating as the Adobe Road Winery. The proposal also includes improvements to the public frontages along C Street and First Street.

The project required a Conditional Use Permit to establish a Food and Beverage Production and Manufacturing use, an Alcoholic Beverage Sales/Retail use, and a Bar/Tavern (tasting) use; the motorsports gallery was a principally permitted use.

The private event space was conditioned to limit the type, frequency of events, and number of guests per event, as follows:

Event Type  #/Year  Guests (max) 
Wine Club Releases 4 50
Promotional Events 20 50
Charitable Events 4 75
Industry Promotional Events 3 100
Trade Open House 1 100
Banquets 6 100
Corporate Team Building 12 120
Weddings 10 150


The project will also provide for enhancements to public access along the Petaluma River to include:

  • A $50,000.00 donation toward the proposed C Street Park, fishing pier, and/or future floating dock at the terminus of C Street that abuts the project site;
  • Site planning to ensure that the project will not preclude future development of a multi-use path along the portion of the Petaluma River that abuts the site;
  • Accommodation for a potential floating boardwalk that may be constructed along the portion of the Petaluma River that abuts the site; and
  • Trailside signage to further the City’s River Awareness Policies set forth in the River Access and Enhancement Plan.

Project Details

APN(s): 008-069-002
Main Address: 1 C Street
Zoning: T5
File Number: PLSR-18-0010
Applicant: Kevin Buckler
Adobe Road Winery
[email protected]
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