Upcoming Kentucky Street Upgrades

Project Description

We recently made safety and accessibility upgrades to Kentucky Street near the Golden Concourse (the pathway to the Keller Street parking garage). The project is split into 2 phases. Phase 1, removal of trees due to safety concerns, was completed in November 2023. Phase 2 was completed in March 2024.

  • Phase 1 – Trees removal due to safety concerns - COMPLETED 
  • Phase 2 – Sidewalk repairs, accessibility improvements and tree replacement - COMPLETED

Pedestrian and vehicle access was maintained throughout the work.

City engineering staff is currently researching design options for improvements to the Kentucky Street crosswalk. We will notify the community if and when upgrades are scheduled to take place. 

Questions or concerns? Please call or email project manager Kent Carothers, [email protected], 707-787-0916.

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